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This large towel with a hood can transform your newly bathed child into a live blue shark with both back and tail fins. Woven from warming cotton terry that feels soft against the skin.


  • A terry towel with hood for children. Made of 100% sustainably sourced cotton – a soft natural material that feels comfortable against your child's skin.

    Warm and comfortable to get into after a bath since the child can be completely wrapped in the towel which is also highly absorbent so that your child gets dry quickly and stays warm.

    The practical hood helps keep heat in after a nice bath while keeping the towel in place when the child moves or runs around.

    Tested, approved and completely free from harmful substances and additives.

    The loop makes it easy to hang on a knob or hook.

    Big and safe to have at your side if you want to discover the world underneath the sea. The blue shark can swim very far, dive really deep and hear your heart beating from far away.

    The blue shark lives in deep warm parts of the world's oceans and is easy to recognize with its blue top side, white belly and long snout. Did you know that a female can have up to 100 pups at each birth?

    For true shark enthusiasts, there are also BLÅHAJ soft toys in 2 different sizes.

    Easy to keep clean; machine wash hot (60°C).

    Goes nicely with other products from the BLÅVINGAD collection.

    The playful details might make your child look forward to the next bath or shower, so the towel is a perfect gift for kids and parents.

    Please refer to packaging label for country of origin

    Recommended for ages from 3 years.

    S Edholm/L Ullenius
  • Product dimensions
    140 cm
    70 cm
    Packaging info
    package quantity
    3 cm
    40 cm
    Net weight
    0.55 kg
    3.6 l
    0.56 kg
    30 cm
  • Care instructions
    Shrinkage maximum 6%.,Machine wash, max 60°C, normal process.,Do not bleach.,Tumble drying, normal temperature (max 80°C).,Iron, max 200°C.,Do not dryclean.
    Environment and materials
    100% cotton
  • Surfing dolphins, curious turtles and playful octopuses. When we created the BLÅVINGAD collection, we were inspired by the big deep sea – an enchanted world that triggers the imagination of children of all ages. Diving into another world and being absorbed by its wonders is both fun and a way to broaden the horizon. Just like a giant blue whale that floats off to explore the sea.
    "We’re all dependent on clean and vibrant oceans full of life. That’s why our work with the BLÅVINGAD collection felt extra important. When choosing the animals to focus on, we began by studying their appearances and expressions. Using sketches, we then decided what could work as a pattern, a soft toy or a print on a cushion. We hope that the playful products create a feeling of being surrounded by the ocean and spark curiousness about all that lives below the surface.”


towel with hood, shark-shaped/blue-grey, 70x140 cm


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