Chunky woven braids in deep forest green tones - who can resist this warm woolly friend that not only brings softness under your feet, but also helps to dampen sound in any space.
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Soft and warm under your feet in different shades of green.
The beauty is in the uniqueness - this rug is handwoven making it one of a kind.
This rug was made by skilled craftspeople with good working conditions and fair wages at organised weaving centres in India and Bangladesh.
The thick wool is naturally sound-dampening. Perfect in spaces with a lot of activity.
A perfect companion for all types of flooring, even those with underfloor heating.
Please refer to packaging label for country of origin
Use STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip for increased safety and comfort; to be placed under the entire rug.
You will need 1 STOPP FILT rug underlay with anti-slip (165x235 cm) for this rug. Trim if necessary.
This rug fits with a 2-3 seat sofa, but can also fit other size sofas depending on how you place it.
IKEA of Sweden
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rug, flatwoven handmade dark green 170x240 cm
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