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Show off and hide away

Gathering around the TV is a favoured activity in many families. For others, gaming or music mixing is their heart’s true passion. Whatever your preference, we have a solution that makes viewing, listening and handling easy – and store or cover the cables, controllers, and accessories that go with it.

A FJÄLLBO TV bench to represent storage furniture enabling easy balance beteween the wish to display certain things and the need to hide others from sight.


Storage without additives

Timeless design comes in many shapes. Inspired by the industrial era, FJÄLLBO is stripped down to bare essentials. No unnecessary details, just metal and solid wood. Still flexible enough to be minimalistic or cosy – all depending on setting.


Storage has come a long way

Just look at what BESTÅ can accomplish in a living room. Evolved into a multi-purpose solution for the whole room, its modularity enables customisation for your entertainment centre, display of your favourite things, or all-in-one functionality.

The large drawers of the traditional, white HEMNES TV bench in solid wood, make a great job hiding cables and technology that cramp your interior decoration style. The concealed drawer runners run smoothly even when heavily loaded.


Well-aged style for modern needs

Nothing says traditional like the details and solid wood of HEMNES. Coffee tables, side tables, media storage and bookcases. Whether you want to display your finest classics or your modern devices, quality and style are a HEMNES tradition.

Our white KALLAX shelving unit can be put horizontally as a sideboard. It comes with wire baskets and soft felt inserts that help organise everything from pens to papers, letters and magazines, making the most out of the storage space inside the shelves.


The many sides of a square

Place it on the floor, on a wall – or as a room-divider to completely transform your living area. KALLAX is stylish, simple and versatile. Available in many sizes and colours, it’s easily personalised with a selection of doors, inserts, boxes and baskets.