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    Another way to look at light

    Light has a major effect on our moods and general wellbeing, often without us realising. So the right lighting at home can lift the spirits, as well as illuminate the practical tasks. The IKEA birthplace in Sweden, with its long periods of little sunshine, means that we know how to create a beautiful atmosphere inside – whatever goes on outside.

    Do you see what we see?
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    Soft illuminated parents and baby bedroom.
    Soft illuminated parents and baby bedroom.

    A dream room for your child, great for you

    While evening trips to the baby crib may be unavoidable, soft lighting makes it easier for your baby (and perhaps you too) to return to sleep. Bright enough to help you avoid any toys that need to be navigated around in the darkness - and to keep little monsters away.

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    Evenly and functional lit bathroom supports the different activities taking place during the morning.

    Putting your best face forward

    Ever headed out into the day feeling completely self-assured, only to cringe later when you glance in the mirror and catch an obvious toothpaste stain or smeared lipstick? Setting the mood with the right lighting is the secret to a bathroom sanctuary - and for makeup application.

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    Highlight and display your favourite things with different types of lamps.

    Switched on for knitting

    Just like a starry night inspires awe, wonder and imagination your home too can glisten and shimmer by highlighting things you’re proud of. Is it your books? Is it an object from a foreign country? Or, is it your knitting that makes your heart (and your living room) shine?

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    Large kitchen with well-planned lighting, both over the table and by the cabinets.
    Large kitchen with well-planned lighting, both over the table and by the cabinets.

    Open all hours

    From a relaxed breakfast, to some afternoon emails, to a cheeky midnight snack – the right lighting can help you to create the ideal ambience for any activity. All in the same space. A dimmable lamp, for example, means that you can easily adjust the light to suit your mood and the task at hand.

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    Romantic dinnertable with candles and soft lighting for a relaxing mood.

    Turn your lights down low

    Yes, there is no better way to set the mood for a date night then to dim the lights. Once the lights are lowered your environment becomes softer and comfortable which is a great way to get rid of stress and bring on a relaxing state of mind. Candles in different heights and sizes create cosy little bubbles of time that are just for you and your loved one.

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    Comfortably lit cosy white bedroom.

    Lights out (and on), it’s time to dream

    At the heart of your little sleeping nest you’ll need good lights - whose glow will support you to get some rest. And when it’s time to close your eyes, block-out blinds at the window create a cosy feeling of bedtime and support you to have a good night’s sleep.

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    Darkened livingroom with a few streaks of sunlight coming in from the window.

    When light comes naturally

    Sunlight is free – but it’s not always welcome. If you watch a movie or take a nap, perhaps. So to get the right lighting at home, you may need to block out the natural kind. With window blinds and curtains in a few layers, you can turn down the sun – and turn it up again – whenever you like.

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    LED lighting on display.

    Why we only sell LED lighting

    Today, there’s a wide variety of LED lights to create the perfect atmosphere at home. LED bulbs last up to 20 years and use up to 85% less energy than an incandescent bulb. So you can live more beautifully, more sustainably and with lower energy bills – without even trying.

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