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Meet the 2021 SAGOSKATT soft toy crew

Drumroll, please. The new SAGOSKATT soft toys are here. Which one is your favourite?

"I drew a prehistoric dodo bird that looks goofy with his tongue sticking out. If we were to do math together, he’d say in his dorky voice: I can’t count."
Nick, 10
"I like to see eggs fry – the fun shapes they make, and so delicious! My toy does yoga and football, now he’s reading a book about chickens and eggs."
Zosia, 7
"My mermaid-dog lives in the sea and helps people and animals who get into trouble. I love the sea and I believe that such a kind creature can live there!"
Savva, 9
"This cat is blue, the colour of dreams. A happy friend who likes people who are kind to animals and curls up with his toy fish when he’s sleepy."
Liepa, 8
"Peanut butter and Jelly are best friends. Together they taste great! I told them to be careful and kind, and to always take care of each other."
Audrey, 9

Believe in the power of play

Someone may ask, why does IKEA produce and sell the "ugly" SAGOSKATT soft toys every year? The  SAGOSKATT soft toys carry an important meaning-they come from children's paintings and are also used to support children to grow up happily. In China, IKEA cooperated with One Foundation to donate all the after-tax income from the SAGOSKATT to build playgrounds for children in the countryside and create and improve basic play facilities.

From 2018 to 2021, IKEA China held "Play Together" campaign each year and donated more than 1.6 million RMB, which is used to improve the sports and play environment for children, and protect children's happy growth, with the corporation with One Foundation. Till now, there are 13 rural schools in Sichuan, Gansu, Ningxia, Yunnan, Jilin and other regions are support by the project, and more than 6,600 children can play in a more facilitated playground.

23% of adults and over 80% of teenagers lack physical activities. (World Hygiene Organization). More and more adults realize that play is very important, and they are willing to buy toys for children and for themselves as well. Play helps children master control of their bodies, activates their imagination, and develops the cognitive, emotional, and social intelligences that will define them as adults.

IKEA believes that the power of play can make people's lives better. Mr. Anders Lennartsson, Country sustainability manager, IKEA China, said: “Play is a very important part of daily life for both adults and children. IKEA will continue to explore and unremittingly create better things for people through play. Life!"

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