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The IKEA Life at Home Report 2017

Beating the Battles

Our homes are steeped in meaning and personal identity. When we live with people with different needs, tastes and expectations, it’s no wonder we can find ourselves endlessly at battle.

In fact, we have found five common battles that unite us all. This year, we connected with a group of people who live in unusual or creative locations – we call them Home Pioneers. They share a way of thinking that can inspire all of us to make the changes we need.

One thing’s for sure: the more we talk about how we feel at home, the more we can all beat the battles.

Findings from the IKEA Life at Home Report:

40% of people say that they live with things they hate, but can’t throw them away because they belong to someone else.

46% of of all people say that the living room is the most common place at home for conflicts to take place.

44% of people believe it feels ‘wrong’ to define your own space when moving into someone else’s home.

17% of all people have argued about people intruding on other people’s space at home.

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