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The family hub

In every home, there’s a centre of gravity. A room or spot where people and events just tend to end up. Where weekend breakfasts are eaten and books are read. Vacations planned and games played. Family gatherings and lazy Sundays. These sofas have the extra space to hold you all, the toughness to last, and the charm to be the place you always return to.


In honour of cushions

The more cushions, the better. GRÖNLID is based on that simple idea. Combine them to shape the perfect seat or create personal space. Thanks to its sectional design, the sofa itself is just as flexible.


Make yourself comfortable

A sofa you can’t get out of. OK, you can, but you don’t want to. Deep seats, thick pocket-spring cushions, high backrest with a soft headrest. LIDHULT makes binge-watching, family gatherings, and lazy days equally feel-good.


Spending time well

In a range of different colours and constellations with hidden storage, VIMLE is all about making time at home the best of times.


Being comfortable together

Memory foam comfort, deep and wide proportions and washable covers make KIVIK the perfect choice of family sofa.

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