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Renew with blue textiles

This season’s colour is definitely blue in different shades. Find it on our new cushion covers, wool rugs and metre fabric.

Denim home decoration is an ongoing trend where SISSIL cushion cover fits perfectly. It’s made in denim, but produced in a more sustainable method that saves on water, energy and dyestuff.

Available in two sizes, SISSIL cushion covers have golden buttons and stitching details.

Comfort with romantic patterns

Complement the blue skies of spring with our new cushion covers. BLÅGRAN cushion cover has a white and blue floral pattern, while STRIMSPORRE cushion cover has a pattern like bleeding ink.

Easily removable and washable, the cushion covers are made in 100% sustainably sourced cotton, so you can feel good about making a spring update.

Show creativity at home

Traditional stripes can never go wrong when getting creative. Why not make some bench covers or napkins with METTALISE fabric?

The fabric is an easy and affordable way to refresh the home in 100% sustainably sourced cotton.

Woven indigo rugs

Bring the indigo trend to the floors with our new wool rugs. Handwoven by skilled craftsmen, TRANGET rug is striped with different shades of blue, while LOVRUP rug has a varied blue structure with its 20% cotton mixed in too.

Wool is a beautiful material that’s perfect for carpets, as it’s durable, natural and strong.

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