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New thinking for the workspace

This month we’re launching a whole new range of office furniture designed for healthy working including sit/stand desks, ergonomic chairs and office storage with new functions.

Discover ALEFJÄLL swivel chair that combines modern-day ergonomics with a traditional style in materials like metal and leather.

Let sitting become more active with TROLLBERGET active sit/stand support that has a 360-degree tilt giving freedom of movement – combined with a beautiful traditional style.

Be active at work

In many parts of the world, too little movement throughout the day is becoming a serious health concern. Height-adjustable desks are an excellent way to counter-balance this.

Get moving at work with IDÅSEN sit/stand desks that can be steered manually or by an app setting favourite heights, goals and reminders of when to stand up.

Get organised in an industrial style

To complement IDÅSEN sit/stand desks, there’s storage in the same industrial-styled series.

Furnish your office with IDÅSEN storage series including high or low cabinets, with doors or drawers — all in sleek metal.

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