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Me time – alone or together

Time together can mean different things. Sometimes you gather as many as you can to share a special moment. Other times, you want closeness but still allow for different screens and activities. Then again, some days you just want to stretch out all by yourself. Together or alone, these have the comfort and space to offer everyone a personal nook.


Together, our way

VALLENTUNA is a modular sofa series, so it’s easy to create “zones” to have your own space while still being together.


The finer points of POÄNG

Strong, flexible bentwood and a great idea. Little more was needed to create an IKEA classic. A shape that follows and supports your body. Colourful, soft cushions and that signature bounce. What’s your combination?


Following your every wish

A flexible choice without sacrificing an ounce of comfort or style. Add, change, and rearrange sections and covers to suit your needs over time. When children fly the coop, let them bring a section. No matter how you live your life, SÖDERHAMN adapts to it.


Gather around, my friends

BRÅTHULT is both spacious and neat in design. It’s easy to fit into your life, and a good spot to gather friends and family. For even more room, or overnight guests, it’s also available in a corner model – and as sofa bed.

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