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Keep cool! Make your own summer retreat.

To us, it’s all about your well-being this hot season. To help you stay cool at home, relax, reload, and enjoy family, friends, and all the fun holiday activities.

Retreat your family to a good day’s sleep

With mattresses in natural materials, bedlinen, and block-out curtains that deflect the heat you can dream away. And stay home. Please, do not disturb.

Retreat your family with functional fun

With suction cups, slim washbasin cabinets, and drying racks, you make a bathroom for everything and everyone. Get your summer together!

Retreat yourself to summer coolness

With lounge chairs and side tables, cooling curtains and lamps, you can create a living room for the days when you can’t decide if you want to stay in or out. Or both.

Retreat your friends to lazy get-togethers

With fun, colourful seating, lots of lamps, and some canopies, you’re ready to go. Let your friends mingle the afternoon, evening, and night away!

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