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IKEA x Tom Dixon x You

IKEA has teamed up with Tom Dixon to create the open-source platform for living: DELAKTIG. A seating series, and now bed too, DELAKTIG is designed for you to make it your own. Thanks to the extruded aluminium frame you can add, move and remove the DELAKTIG accessories as you please.

It’s time for bed

With your choice of mattress, headboard and where to place the perfect lighting for a good night’s read, the sleek and modern DELAKTIG bed frame allows you to determine your sleeping style.

Welcome to the table

Beyond challenging the conventional production methods of upholstery furniture, IKEA and Tom invited the world to co-design with them. Inspired by the tech industry, they made DELAKTIG an open-source project, inviting 75 design Master’s students from around the globe to contribute. Now, it’s your turn to join the movement.


Add a table and some light. Swap the backrests around, remove the armrest. Give it a new cover. With DELAKTIG, designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, you get to do your thing.

Great together, or apart

Attach it to the DELAKTIG frame, or let it stand alone – the DELAKTIG lamp lets you turn its head in any way you please.

Coffee break, anyone?

Thanks to the extruded DELAKTIG frame, turn your DELAKTIG side table from work mode to coffee break as often as you like.

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