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I don’t do labels. BILLY, 40.

Some people buy a piece of furniture for the history and identity that come built-in. If you adapt or personalise such an item, that reduces the value.

On the other hand, BILLY is more about what’s on the inside. Not the designer label or the fashion status.

BILLY is storage furniture that’s functional, flexible and modest. And that’s the point. The personality that people see is what you add.

Gender, age, interests, beliefs – BILLY crosses boundaries, making only one very basic assumption about you: your meaningful items and the way you arrange them show who you really are.

In 1979, IKEA designer Gillis Lundgren named his design after a colleague, Billy Liljedahl, who had expressed his desire for a "proper" bookcase.

Actually, Lundgren did more than that: he designed a bookcase that could belong to almost anyone and everyone.

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