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Go bold with textiles

This month we’re launching home textiles that are sure to get you into a good mood. From colourful pixel patterns to monochrome geometric designs, here are the cushion covers and curtains that will make your home bright.

Add colourful flair

Brighten your everyday using KLOCKRANKA cushion cover with a multi-colour pixel pattern, while STRÄVKLINT cushion cover has a bold ombre effect. Both are made from 100% cotton from more sustainable sources and feature a fine sateen weave, giving them flair!

Combine comfort & expression

Cushions are an easy way to refresh the home without spending a fortune. KLARASTINA and KINNEN cushion covers coordinate your home in black and white geometric designs. Made with a fine weave in 100% sustainably sourced cotton, they’re smooth to the touch while offering extra comfort.

Go polka dotty

Frame your windows using our black and white KLARASTINA curtains with polka dots that never go out of fashion. The curtains help adjust light levels and provide privacy in an eye-catching, classic pattern.

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