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Give the nursery a tropical touch

Inject a tropical touch into the baby’s nursery with RÖRANDE baby textiles. This is a colourful and exotic series that includes quilt covers, a blanket, towel and more. With friendly crocodiles or cuddling flamingos mixed up with more graphic prints, there’s plenty of colour variations to create a unique nursery.

RÖRANDE baby textiles have everything needed to make the cot ready for a new family member. The textiles are made from 100% sustainably grown cotton, a natural and durable material that gets softer with every wash. And like all children’s products at IKEA, they are tested and contain no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your child’s skin or health.

Mixing up strawberries, crocodiles, oranges and more, the new RÖRANDE bedlinen set gets the cot ready for the new family member. It’s a perfect gift for new parents too!

The cuddling flamingos on RÖRANDE quilt cover are found on both sides and have been printed with a technique that requires less water than conventional methods.

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