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For a traditional kitchen

This month brings new products to create a beautiful traditional-styled kitchen, including storage, a sink and tap.

INSJÖN tap gives a traditonal style with its brass colour and porcelain handle, still the tap saves water like all our taps today. It’s made with a modern surface treatment that resists corrosion and is durable, so it can stay beautiful for a long time.

Country style in ceramics

Ceramic sinks are beautiful and stand the daily use of a busy family kitchen. With a 25-year guarantee, HAVSEN sink has a traditional style in white ceramics.

With soft rounded corners, the sink is perfect for creating a traditional or country-styled kitchen but can also add personality to a modern one.

Bring in warmth and nature

For a traditional look, VADHOLMA kitchen storage is ideal with its brown stained ash that brings in warmth and nature. Actually, the storage is inspired by the style of an old bakery or butcher shop.

The storage series includes shelves, drawers and a kitchen island with an oak top and removable rack.

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