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Flexible to your space

Tight spaces, sloping ceilings, low windows; these all offer an opportunity to build something wonderfully unique and superbly functional. Our different storage solutions come in a wide range of sizes, styles and functions to help make the most of your living space.


The pinnacle of personalisation

EKET is the ultimate in fun, friendly and functional storage furniture. Stack, hang or combine it in any way you want. The potential for customisation with colours and the patterns you can make is unmatched by any other storage solution.


In love with bamboo

We admit it. We love bamboo. SVALNÄS really brings out the beauty of this material. Hard-wearing and easy-care, with a heap of flexible choices. Wall-mounted with minimal bulk, it doesn’t even touch the floor. No wonder we get emotional.


The many sides of a square

Place it on the floor, on a wall – or as a room-divider to completely transform your living area. KALLAX is stylish, simple and versatile. Available in many sizes and colours, it’s easily personalised with a selection of doors, inserts, boxes and baskets.


Pixels of possibility

Wherever they go, they add character and style to the surrounding room. The square, functional LIXHULT design fits in any space. Use it to create
unexpected, colourful, or just really practical storage solutions.

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