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BOTANISK – Sprouting hope

Made by sure-handed artisans, BOTANISK is a handmade collection of pots, baskets (and lots more) that doesn’t only sprout seeds of hope in indoor potting – it creates jobs in regions where they are most needed. Coming soon, for a short time only. Don’t miss out! Your apartment jungle is just a few pots and plant swaps away.

Urban jungles and vegetables in pots

“We know that lots of people dream of bringing in even more greenery. We want to make it more fun and easier to create your own urban garden.”
Maria O’Brian, Creative Leader IKEA

Sustainable in more ways than one

BOTANISK is made up of plant pots, baskets, paper pot maker, cushion covers, tool bag, and more, in natural materials like banana fibre, jute and better cotton. Above all, each item is handmade in close collaboration with six social entrepreneurs across the world.

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