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Brighten up your bedroom

This month brings news to make some easy updates in the bedroom, from clever storage to colourful bedlinen — find your favourites!

Storage needn’t be a complicated thing. The black-blue NORDMELA chests of drawers are ideal in the bedroom, but also work across the home as they can easily change purpose.

Store your clothes in different ways — NORDMELA chests of drawers offer both hanging and folded storage.

Dreaming with a retro feeling

Cosy up and disappear in the retro-styled flowers of SOMMARASTER quilt cover, inspired by Swedish 1960s patterns and made from 100% cotton grown with care.

All our cotton products, whether a towel or a bed sheet, are made from more sustainable cotton.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on price, quality, design, function or sustainability when making a choice.

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