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IKEA China’s 25th anniversary
Limited Collection


Tradition and modernity intermingle

To commemorate an unforgettable 25-year journey with our Chinese consumers, we drew inspiration from traditional Chinese culture and found it in the cloud patterns that symbolize good luck and opportunity. These were combined with popular colors, to deliver the 25th anniversary limited collection, bringing a new twist to dozens of classic products.

“To celebrate IKEA China’s 25th anniversary, I created a limited collection inspired by ancient Chinese cloud patterns in spring colours of purple, orange and yellow – giving them a trendy, bold look that’s so typical of IKEA.”


Jennifer Idrizi




Auspicious clouds

The cloud pattern resembles floating clouds and symbolizes good fortune. Its soft lines complement the texture of the bedding.


Springtime thunder

The rumbling of thunder often evokes a sense of awe. Add cloud patterns to the design to bring springtime into your home.


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