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Work and play in your balanced business office

Your office is the heart of your business where collaboration, creativity and team building all take place. When workdays are long and hectic, you can balance them with healthy working solutions, smart storage and a cosy meeting nook.

Mix and match office chairs and stools to create a customised seating solution. When you sit for longer periods at your desk, it’s good with a chair that gives proper support. JÄRVFJÄLLET swivel chairs have an adjustable back and height, so you sit ergonomically and comfortably.

Sit by the window to get your daily dose of daylight. The honeycomb structure inside HOPPVALS cellular blinds creates a layer of insulation, which helps retain heat inside.

Make your meeting area just a little more comfy with a couple of pouffes and a flatwoven rug to help soften the space. Install a rail like VAJERT to hang gym equipment to test out a new exercise, or get a quick workout during lunch!

Solid pine wood and natural materials help create a sense of cosiness, rawness and wellbeing. IVAR pine cabinets provide closed storage for extra office supplies, while BEKANT rollable units come with a tinge of solid oak, and can be taken around your office space.

Divide your small office space into areas with the help of a large storage unit. BEKANT shelving unit has magnetic sides to post notes, magnets and hooks.

For those long work days, make the office cosy with a few work lamps that spread warm, even light. NYMÅNE wall lamps surround this office ceiling for 24-hour task lighting and can illuminate products on shelves for a nice display.