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Your best balcony: keep it private

When spring arrives, there’s nowhere we’d rather be than out on the balcony. But too often it can feel like it’s a space on full display to neighbours and passersby on the street below. Here are three ways to block your personal space from peering eyes.

If your favourite way to spend time on your balcony is with a good book and the sound of peace and quiet, create a private little retreat. A wind shield fastened to your balcony rail will help keep gusts of wind at bay and also serve as a visual barrier between your space and the neighbours across the street. Decorate with some plants and outdoor textiles and lighting, and it will feel like a living room outdoors.

Why not give your passion for gardening a functional purpose, as well? Let your vines climb freely up a trellis and across the bars of your balcony to create a natural curtain of sorts. They’ll give you lots of privacy and a lush, garden feel.

Create an intimate space to entertain with the simple addition of a large canopy. Let it flow around your seating area surrounded by tall, full bodied plants, and throw in some extra cushions, pillows and warm blankets to snuggle under. The overall feel is cosy and elegant at the same time.

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Interior designer: Geneviève Jorn
Photographer: Oskar Falck
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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