Combined living and dining room interior with fireplace, wall storage and a TINGBY dining table with OMTÄNKSAM chairs.

When style meets storage

It can often feel like a beautiful home and a practical home are two mutually exclusive concepts. Here’s the thing, though: they’re not! Take a look at this fresh family home, for instance, where form and function work together at every turn. It’s a space that’s as easy to love as it is to live with.

Work with your walls

Owing to their size, largely storage units will inevitably stand out in a room. Nothing wrong with that! If you’re after a more low-key look, however, try matching the wall colour to your storage for a more discreet effect.

Feels like home

Some hooks, some shelves, some drawers, some boxes. Mixing together different types of storage, big and small, is what gives this hallway its casual, inviting appeal. It’s a home you’ll look forward to returning to, the moment you step out the door!

Either, or, both!

Some people love the modern look, others love traditional, and many more sit somewhere in between. This dining set is a beautiful balance of both: the straight lines of the table pair well with the softer, more rounded chairs in grey.

Statement-making storage

Create your own “custom” unit like this one by mixing and matching different cabinets in different sizes and colours. A combo of both open and closed storage gives you the freedom to both hide and display your things.

Behind the sofa

There are many underestimated (and often overlooked) spots for extra storage, and the back of your sofa is one of them. That novel you’ll be curling up with this weekend is just an easy reach away.

More life, less admin

This sleek, modern shelving unit gives the family’s files and paperwork an inspiring glow up. Accessories in white and natural fibres, paired with the wall art above, pull the look together.

Mouth-watering good looks

Kitchen island turned architectural eye candy, thanks to these minimal cabinet fronts with a light ash look. The plus-sized drawers behind offer more than enough storage for a full family with differing food preferences.

Drawn-out ASKERSUND front of a kitchen island, revealing a two-level drawer solution with both cutlery and food containers.

Space where you least expect it

Large, robust solutions are step 1 of any home’s storage strategy, but finding and utilising those smaller, less-obvious spots is where things really get interesting. These hidden drawers, for example, maximise every inch of unused space in your kitchen.