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Tips on how to increase your well-being with plants

Having plants around doesn’t just feel good. It can be downright healthy (keep reading to find out more). Here are some of our best ideas for a greener home.

Chaise longue by sunlit, tall windows. Cushions, throw and reading lamp. Plants on the sill, hanging, and on wall shelves.

Set up your own green room

Green is good for you. Even science says so (follow the link at bottom to read more). Just a few plants are enough. Then again, you almost can’t have too many. Recipe for a personal well-being corner: place your favourite seating by a window, fill every surface with plants, add a lamp and side table, and top off with soft textiles.

Pile your garden high

Daylight and sun exposure can be very limited resources in a home. Where you do have it, build vertical. A slimline shelf makes the most of incoming light without blocking the view.

Give mornings the green light

Plants are excellent bedside companions. They help freshen the air and are truly a sight for sleepy eyes to wake up to. Place it by the window in the daytime, wheel it close at night.

Let the corners live a little

There are always corners in a home that could do with a little extra attention. A table or shelf filled with plants can easily turn them into the life of the room, even when space is limited. For extra effect, add a lamp with strong light.

Garden in a jar

A greenhouse doesn’t have to be a big deal. It can even be the opposite. Put plants in individual jars to create installations that are both decorative and draw attention. (Make sure to vent them every now and then.)

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Made by
Interior designer: Elin Stierna
Photographer: Fredrik Sweger
Writer: Henrik Annemark