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Tips for reducing noise in your bedroom

Make your bedroom more sleep and relaxation-friendly by combating noise pollution. Here are three easy and budget-friendly tips to help you rediscover silence.

Cut outside noise with a curtain

Use your favourite throw as a sound and light absorbing drape by adding four hooks and two removable curtain rings with clips. Fasten a cord between the lower hooks and fold the fabric over to give you some privacy from nosy neighbours too.

Absorb sound with textiles

Minimise the echoing of bare floors (and noisy downstairs neighbours) with layers of rugs. Go for a mix of textures and your favourite styles for a cosy feel. Make it more you with a couple of unique handmade mats for a one-of-a-kind floor!

Create calm with a wall rug

Got thin walls? Dampen some of that disturbing noise by hanging up a mat from a curtain rail. This will add a cosy, decorative touch and provide instant peace from the sounds around you. To increase the sound absorbing effect try using several rugs to cover the whole wall.

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