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Tina’s trend Forecast #4: Earthy tones

Trends: what’s new, what’s still loved, and what could be coming soon. Even we can’t always keep up. That’s why we invited in interior stylist Tina Hellberg to tell us about her trend predictions and how to use them at home.

We think using combining earthy red colours with blue accent colours and dark wood furniture is a big upcoming trend.

What’s the trend?
“This trend is about leaving the monochrome behind and welcoming warm earthy tones with some accents of blue. I’m really liking brick color in all its shades actually, from rusty red to dark brown, almost black. It makes me think of Mexico and the master of architecture Luis Barragán — a great inspiration when it comes to the use of colour. There’s something about his earthy colours against an eternal blue sky.”

How can I do it at home?
“Look to use sturdy furniture in dark wood. Here we have used a table top and added legs to it. Also keep some of the furniture low, getting close to earth, grounded. Dare to leave the white and grey walls. I always advise to mix colours or in this case different shades and saturation of the same colours with a few accents to it.” Curious about the colour Tina’s used? There’s the code below.

Made by

Interior stylist: Tina Hellberg
Photographer: Andrea Papini