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Tina’s trend Forecast #3: Rattan with bold colours

Trends: what’s new, what’s still loved, and what could be coming soon. Even we can’t always keep up. That’s why we invited in interior stylist Tina Hellberg to tell us about her trend predictions and how to use them at home.

What’s the trend?
“Woven elements in furniture and accessories are something that I’m seeing coming up strongly.” Tina tells us. “Rattan in particular is a material that is having a little renaissance again both with non-traditional designs or updated styles from the 50’s. Building on the handicraft, natural, weaving trend is using bold colors that both make the style more interesting and enhance the beauty of the natural materials.”

How can I use it at home?
“Painting your walls, floor or even ceiling with strong colours is a bit unusual but can be very rewarding. I suggest to use 3 or more colours in the mix, plus adding furniture you might already have like rattan, leather, wood or ceramics. You could also add an architectural element to your room like this screen I’ve used above here. Just make sure it’s a natural colour to complement the other natural materials.” Curious about the colours Tina’s used? There’s the codes below.

Ocra: NCS S 4040-Y20R

Blue: NCS S 6030-R80B

Copper green: NCS S 7010-B70G

For me this mix is both playful and sophisticated. It is bold and rich.
Tina Hellberg, Interior stylist

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Interior stylist: Tina Hellberg
Photographer: Andrea Papini

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