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Tina’s trend Forecast #2: Graphic patterns

Trends: what’s new, what’s still loved, and what could be coming soon. Even we can’t always keep up. That’s why we invited in interior stylist Tina Hellberg to tell us about her trend predictions and how to use them at home.

What’s the trend?

“One thing I’ve been excited about is personalising rough or raw fabrics by painting on stripes, diagonal lines or blocks of paint.” Tina says. “Taking a bit of inspiration from classic fashion like the iconic stripey sweater.”

How can I use it at home?

“Look for organic coloured metre fabric then wash it, dry it out and start painting. Just make sure to use textile paint” Tina advises. “Pattern-wise stripes and grids I think are such a timeless decoration but feel very arty too. I like to use the textiles as bed or sofa covers or as curtains or wall hangings.” Curious about the colours Tina’s used? There’s the codes below.

Grey: NCS S 4010-Y30R

Mole grey: NCS S 6010-Y70R

I love the graphic patterns and rough and simple homemade feeling.
Tina Hellberg, Interior Stylist

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Interior stylist: Tina Hellberg
Photographer: Sandra Werud

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