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Throw a dorm party together

As students living close, your lives already overlap. Take it one step further, and collectively host a party! Make it simple. Let the corridor be the dance floor, and the individual rooms handle the rest.

Welcome, have a drink

By combining several small spaces, you suddenly have a really big one. Start with a proper bar, and build connecting stations from there.

Hang your coat, lay your hat

With enough clothing and accessories in circulation, some tend to go missing. A wardrobe room will at least narrow down the search area.

Leave your wish list here

Depending on the level of democracy in choice of music, either leave the DJ room open for all – or with very limited access.

Sort out your waste

A great way to reduce post-party cleaning is to minimise the mess to begin with. A recycling room lets guests sort waste from the start – and may well be your ticket to sleeping in a little longer.

Thanks and goodnight – see you all at the clean-up

You prepped together. You party together. You’ll get through tomorrow together.

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