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Three 1970s-inspired plant ideas

Take inspiration from the colours and textures of the 1970s and bring a touch of vintage style to your home with these ideas for house plants.

Join the cactus revival Cacti were hugely popular in the 1970s, and the original easy-care house plant has made an even bigger comeback in the last few years. The new crop of artificial potted cacti offers the ultimate low-maintenance option. Try placing a really large potted cactus in one corner of your room to give it that 1970s-inspired feel.

Select 1970s shades Blue is a classic accent colour to accompany retro tones of orange, brown and mustard. Each PEPPARKORN vase is mouth-blown in blue glass by a skilled craftsman, so it looks beautiful even when empty. Developed with a florist, the vase has the perfect dimensions for flowers of different heights, whether that’s a bouquet or a single stem.

Go retro with rattan The KANELSTÅNG plant stand is handmade from natural rattan, a key material for capturing 1970s style. It can be placed on the floor or a table and its metal tray keeps your plant pot steady. Use it to bring an imperfect, vintage look into a modern interior.

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