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The ultimate baker’s kitchen island and how to DIY

Need more space to roll out your homemade creations? Here’s how to make a spacious kitchen island that gives you lots of room for baking and your favourite cookbooks.

STEP 1 Build a 100 cm x 60 cm wooden frame and fasten it to the floor.

STEP 2 Stack 6 METOD cabinets (40 cm x 40 cm each) in 2 rows of 3, then screw them tightly together where the arrows above indicate. Do the same thing with a group of 6 more cabinets.

STEP 3 Place the 2 groups of cabinets back-to-back, and screw them together by their backsides. You can use one side to store cookbooks and the other for baking tools.

STEP 4 Mount the island’s base onto the frame and secure it by screwing them together according to the arrows above. Do the same for the 3 lower cabinets on the other side.

STEP 5 Place an 80 cm x 80 cm cover panel on each side to hide the joints and create a clean finish.

STEP 6 Add a countertop that’s just slightly larger than the base, 90 cm x 150 cm, and screw them together to fasten where the arrows in the illustration above indicate. Do the same for the 3 upper cabinets on the other side. Get to baking!

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.


Interior designer: Marianne Eriksson
Photographer: Simon Fritzell
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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