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The 'his and hers' island bathroom

For such a personal space, bathroom's tend to follow a pretty standard design. But who's to say it has to stay that way? This 'his and hers' personalised island bathroom might just be the change you're looking for. 

As island bathrom might bring up some tropical feelings, but in this case interior desinger Mia explains she wanted to build a bathroom island with matching sinks and cabinets so two people to can use it at the same time. We like how it uses a part of the room thats´s often overlooked, ironically ringth in the middle. 

Hopping over to the "his" side, Mia's made a set-up purpose-built for beard grooming along with regular bathroom activities. To do that she's included a trolley to hold shaving supplies that are fancy enough for showing off and rawer organisation for the items that are'nt

Over the "her" side, Mia added a grooming station with a sit down space for make-up and hair complete with a good light and plenty of mirrors. 

Next to the sit down grooming station there´s a full lenght mirror for final adjustments and hanging storage for hair dryers and other grooming tools. There you have it. What do you think of the island bathroom?

Made by

Interior designer: Mia Gustavsson/Martina Andersson
Photographer: Kristian Krebs

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