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The easiest ways to save water at home

Living thoughtfully with regards to our environment is a 24/7 job, and can be tricky at times. So here are 6 ways you can make a big impact by saving a bit of water.

1. Keep a stash of bottled water in the fridge. Letting the water run until it’s cold enough to drink accounts for way too much waste. So fill a few carafes or filtered pitchers for dinner, and labelled reusable bottles for each family member, and you’ll have cold water on hand whenever you want it.

2. Save water when rinsing your fruits and veggies by placing them in a colander and letting the water collect in a tub below. Save it for dish washing and watering your plants (just make sure it’s not soapy).

3. It's easy to lose track of time (and water consumption) when you’re enjoying a steamy shower. So play some tunes set to a timer, and when the music winds down, hop on out. Another way to save water? Shower together. You’re welcome.

4. No more letting the water run while brushing your teeth. Just fill a cup up with water and rinse.

5. Only three things belong in the toilet. One is toilet paper. It takes a lot more water to flush anything else, so keep a trash bin nearby and avoid the waste.

6. Cut down on laundry days. Unless it’s been stained, most clothing probably doesn’t need to be washed after every single wear. Just air them out and hang them back in your closet. When laundry days do roll around, make sure your washing machine is filled with a full load.

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