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The 2-in-1 double dining table hack

Love entertaining but your home’s a little light on the square metre scale? Maybe this double dining set up could help out. By using the walls, two different types of seating and a dining table hack, you can make a formal entertaining place and a casual spot to lounge and eat, all using the same small space. Come see how it’s done.

Here’s what you need to hack your dining table

A table 
A power drill
An adjustable spanner
a 20cm wooden rod the same diameter as your table pole
2 screws and bolts that match the tables base and top screws
A sock or length of fabric

Here’s how to do it

1. Turn the table over and remove the screws attaching the top to the table’s support.
2. Unscrew the bolt attaching the base to the table’s support, and remove the base.
3. Take off the outer support, exposing the inner support inside.
4. Unscrew the bolt attaching the black support rod.
5. Take the wooden support rod you’ve made and attach it to the support base for the table’s top.
6. Cut a hole in the sock’s toe and scrunch it up as shown.
7. Reattach the bottom of the table and tighten the bolt to keep it in place.
8. Re-attach the support to the tabletop.
9. And there you go - a casual eating table. Just reverse the
steps for your next dinner party.

Our tip

The rest of the set-up is all about seating. With a set of four hooks on the walls. You can store chairs when you’re lounging, and mattresses when you’re dining. Want to learn how to make these colourful mattress loungers? Come and find out!

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