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Storage updates for a family kitchen

In Annemarie’s family of six, the small kitchen often gets messy. ‘Our cupboards were full of stuff, everything was disordered,’ she says. Stylist Abigail Edwards helped turn it from chaotic to ordered. Here’s how…

Try breaking each area or task down into manageable to-dos that you don’t have to tackle all at once
Abigail Edwards, stylist, UK

Before and after: chaos to calm

With extra shelves, shelf inserts, storage boxes, plate holders and clear storage jars, Annemarie’s kitchen cupboards are now much more functional and easy to use. ‘I’ve learned that a little decluttering goes a long way too,’ she says.

Tips for getting your kitchen in order

1. Maximise shelf space. If you’re not using cupboard shelves to their full height, add shelves between, or inserts.
2. Think portable storage. Plate holders will save you going back and forth to the table, and boxes are great for small items.
3. Use your walls. Adding storage rails and magnetic strips helps clear counterspace while keeping essentials handy.

Box clever Has cut-out handles for easy carrying from shelves or drawers. The open top makes getting an overview of the contents simple.

Rack don’t stack Wire baskets and dish drainers are a great alternative to heavy stacks of plates – pick your favourite dish from the middle if you want!

Show your ingredients Spend less time searching through packets of food by opting for clear storage instead. The sealed lids also keep ingredients fresher for longer.

We’re really happy with the changes. They’ve made our small kitchen easier to manage
Annemarie, The Netherlands

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Styling: Abigail Edwards
Photographer: Martin Löf

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