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Storage ideas for a compact bedroom

Even in the smallest of bedrooms, it’s easy to create a smart space that helps your morning routine run a little smoother. Libertad and Rober’s bedroom in Madrid is compact but clever, with well-planned open storage that makes it easier for them to stay organised and get outfit inspiration each day. ‘We live in a busy area with lots of bars and discos, but in here you would have no idea – our bedroom is an organised oasis in the middle of the chaos,’ says Libertad.

Having open storage makes us think more about how we organise our things. We can’t close the doors on any mess so we’re more aware of what we use, and we don’t hoard
Rober, logistics manager, Spain

Stay open to inspiration

To get as much storage as possible into their small bedroom, Libertad and Rober picked a tall corner wardrobe. ‘But we left off the doors because we felt they would draw too much of the focus in this small space. Having an open wardrobe isn’t for everyone, but it turns ours into a neat dressing area and makes it so easy to choose an outfit for the day. We’re also much more aware of all the clothes we have. If something never gets worn, we give it to charity rather than letting it sit forgotten behind wardrobe doors.’ The couple chose a combination of drawers, shelves, rails and baskets that work for all their different types of clothes and accessories, making every belt and pair of shoes easy to find.

Feel-good colours and uplifting artwork opposite the bed make our room feel warm and personal – and those early mornings a little bit easier!
Libertad, interior designer, Spain

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Photography: Christina Bull
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