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Spotted at Milan Design Week: the caring home

In response to the rise of urbanisation, designers are putting wellbeing at the heart of the home. Make yours a space where you can recharge and feel good again, with inspiration from this year’s furniture fair in Milan.

The annual furniture fair in Milan is a chance for designers to share the ideas they think will shape our future life at home. This year, among the pastel colours and retro shapes, we spotted lots of ideas focusing on wellbeing at home.

What’s the idea?
The new approach to wellbeing is holistic, taking in what we see, smell and eat. It makes positive use of technology, with the aim being to ensure that design is empathetic – using environmental and psychological factors to create products that have a positive impact on users. Two examples in Milan were the IKEA/Space10 Growroom – a flatpack garden for city-based communities to grow their own food – and D/Dock Design Studio’s Healing Hub – a project on wellbeing at work, with ideas that benefit all living spaces.

How can I use it at home?
Decorate with the senses in mind and put the objects you love centre stage. Look for technology that enhances life, not just exciting gadgets that disrupt it. The smart new IKEA FLOALT bulbs bring mood-boosting daylight indoors, and VR (virtual reality) can help you take time out.

We found that humans experience the environment on four different levels. The first, the visible one, is form and function, but there’s also the cultural, the emotional and the spiritual. Think about all these when you plan a space.
Francesco Messori

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Photographer: Jamie Baker
Art Director: Jules Rogers
Writer: Helen Bazuaye
Main image is of healing garden made as part of the
Healing Hub project by artist Claudia Bonollo

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