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Space to spend time on you

The things that help us unwind and feel happy at home are a unique and personal mix. But can a home that shows off your personality also be ordered and calm? An interior designer shows us how.

Meet the designer

Interior designer Hans Blomquist created a home around the idea ‘it’s all about me’. The home balances space to recharge with an inviting interior that makes it easy for the owner to indulge their passions. ‘It’s a contemporary loft space for someone living alone,’ says Hans. ‘We created storage where the most important bits of him are on display and the rest is tucked away.’

Room with a view

With cooking, dining and living in one space, Hans used colour and materials to link everything. ‘Layered textures – wood, leather – create warmth and make the space inviting.’ In the kitchen, mixing open and closed storage adds order and personality. ‘Open shelves make a space feel bigger and create drama! Divide what you store by shelf – food on one, plates another – it’s neat but not too much!’

Open storage let’s you decide what to keep in easy reach, so time is spent on food and friends, not looking for things!

Quality sleep

‘Enormous comfort! That was the dream we had for this bed, to make something really inviting. Climbing into this bed is like escaping to your own island,’ says Hans. Layers of soft textiles in natural materials were used to give this everyday bedroom a boutique hotel feel.

Make smart use of your wardrobe. Keep clothes you need for the season inside, then wash, box and store away those you don’t – it creates space and prolongs the life of your clothes!

Organise behind closed doors

Use baskets and boxes as well as task lighting to optimise the space in your wardrobe. Focus on grouping similar items and creating visibility – when you can quickly see what’s stored where, you save time and energy. If your wardrobe is a PAX, you can really customise the inside with KOMPLEMENT dividers, glass shelves, inserts and more.

Plan storage around your routines

Think about how you like to get dressed, then arrange your clothes storage around that. If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead, a clothes rail will work nicely for you. Or if you put your shirt on first, hang them front and centre. Try different set-ups until you find the one that fits you.

Make your bathroom a place to recharge. Keeping surfaces clear of clutter and calm, and the inside of drawers and cupboards ordered will make daily rituals run smoothly.

Home made for me

In this airy loft for one you’re free to be yourself, unwind from the day and get ready for the many to come. It’s a calming space, and a welcoming one too – with Hans using a mix of worn-in pieces and sophisticated style to invite you in. What’s most loved is on display, everything else is cleverly stored out of sight, making this a home that doesn’t just mirror its owner, it supports them too.

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Made by
Interior stylist: Hans Blomquist
Photographer: Martin Inger

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