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Sometimes, nothing can throw you off balance

The power of a daytime nap can’t be stressed enough, so no need to feel lazy for indulging in a quick kip. Experts keep telling us that 10 minutes are all it takes to recharge. And after the extra Z’s, you’re ready for just about anything – even a surprise make-over.

Treat yourself to a nap

When it’s time to give your head a rest, even just for a few minutes, some places are more inviting than others. The go-to solution spells cushions. Large ones – a perfect fit with GURLI cushion covers – are ideal to prop yourself up a bit.

A dream for bare feet

STOENSE rug helps create the right relaxed atmosphere at home. The thick, soft-spun pile dampens sound and is a dream for bare feet. Go for the one, or place several next to each other.

Outstanding softness

Boldly coloured cushions, like the chevron-patterned HANNELISE cushion, make a statement anywhere you put them. Placed next to solid-coloured textiles, they stand out even more.

Versatility for the win

Whether for a nap or a solid eight hours sleep, some beds are more inviting than others. With its clean and simple design, a MALM bed looks just as great anywhere you place it – free-standing or with the headboard against the wall. The sides can be adjusted so you can use mattresses of different thicknesses and under the bed, two drawers provide plenty of storage space.

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