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Sometimes, love is all about giving date night a miss

As we accelerate into autumn, there’s so much we must find time for and so much that we don’t. Before we know it, summer laziness has turned into job frenzy – and we only have vague memories of what it was like to feel completely rested. That’s why there are times when the most loving thing you can do is to give in to tiredness, kick off the shoes, put off the toothbrushing – and rock your darling to sleep.

Furnish with sound and light

Few things affect the atmosphere around the home like light and sound. SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi speaker brings together these two powerful mood boosters, making it easier than ever to turn a grey Monday into a great one.

Curtains that block out the world

Whether you want to shut out street lights or sunlight – HILLEBORG block-out curtains have you sorted. Made from recycled PET, the result is a fabric that doesn’t only fall softly and evenly, but is also a more sustainable choice. To create an even softer expression, go for a layered curtain solution.

Recharge in the right kind of bed

Upholstered in a woven fabric, SLATTUM is a bed frame that effectively combines modern, simple design and softness. Lean back against the comfy, padded headboard or throw in an abundance of cushions if you want an even softer experience.

Hot or cold? Find the perfect balance

Prone to getting chilly at night? Or getting too warm? Try SMÅSPORRE all seasons duvet. It’s made up of one light warm and one warm duvet that can be joined together or taken apart, meaning that it works great all year round.

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