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Smart ideas for small kitchens

With a little planning and creativity, you can transform a small kitchen from a challenging space into a one you’ll enjoy spending more time in. From storage to seating, find your small kitchen inspiration with our roundup of real-home examples.

Open storage above the kitchen sink and work surface is useful

Find new ways to store more
Don’t think you can fit more into your small kitchen? Look high and low, into awkward corners, and don’t forget your doors. You might discover a few extra places you can add rails or small storage. If you want to keep the floorspace free, try hanging storage from ledges or radiators. If you live in an awkward or rented space, simple open shelves or build-your-own solutions securely fixed to the wall provide cost-effective storage you can add to over time or take with you when you leave.

Have fun with your storage
Get playful with chalkboard paint, chalk and nails to create a storage solution for your utensils that also shows off your personality. The outlines mean everyone will know what lives where.

Clear your counters
Make the most of your available workspace by keeping it free of clutter. Chopping boards, utensils and even food can all be wall hung, leaving you with more prepping space.

Keep favourites close at hand
Make daily routines more streamlined by storing what you use most often within reach and things you use less frequently higher up. If you love coffee, why not create a coffee station with everything you need on one shelf?

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