Simple tips to stay cool in the heat

Bedroom with open, full-length windows with sheer curtains in front, seemingly swaying in an incoming breeze.

Simple tips to stay cool in the heat

Beating the summer heat is easy with these clever, low-tech ideas. (Without the help of electrically run air conditioning.)

The world’s most romantic AC unit

Damp curtains, sheets or towels in front of the window hold temperatures down by blocking sunlight and cooling the incoming breeze. Keep textiles moist with a spray bottle nearby – maybe an extra to mist your plants. Ancient-style air conditioning, without the noise.

Natural materials for cool comfort

Choose the materials closest to you with care. Many textiles have a natural coolness. Use crisp cotton, linen, silk and lyocell to minimise the effects of heat and humidity.

When temperatures go high, you go low

The occasional warm night tends to interfere with sleeping comfort. A temporary solution can be to simply sleep as close to the floor as possible. After all, heat rises. If your floor is tiled, the cooling effect will be even better.

Cool yourself inside and out

When the heat is on, go for a batch of classic refreshments. A bowl of ice carries a long way. Soaking soothing wash cloths, cold drinks, a frozen-water bottle (use like a hot-water bottle, only opposite), and more. Collect the run-off water for easy reuse.

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Made by
Interior designer: Chiara Effroi Lutteri
Photographer: Fredrik Sweger
Writer: Henrik Annemark