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Simple and healthy: on the table in 15 minutes

Make it easy to eat together during the week, even when everyone is on their own busy schedule. Sebastian lives with his sister Sanna and her son Reidar: ‘We try to divide the cooking 50/50, but if Sanna gets home earlier than me, she’ll start the dinner. We all like eating fresh, healthy food, which is often the quickest food to prepare.’ Here are Sebastian’s top tips for a speedy meal together.

Get prepped ahead of time

Laying a simple table setting in advance means you can take advantage of opportunities to eat together as a family. Place a large bowl in the centre, ready to fill with food, so everyone can help themselves. When dinner is nearly ready, save time by filling a carafe or pitcher with water to share, instead of pouring individual drinks. ‘We’ll try to eat our evening meal at the kitchen table if we can — it’s our favourite part of the apartment, and it makes it easier for us all to help out getting the food to the table,’ says Sebastian.

Pick a fuss-free meal

Make sure you have a go-to option that’s quick and easy to cook – especially if you can’t predict what time you’ll be home during the week. ‘One of our favourite meals is salmon with a healthy salad. While the salmon is roasting, we wash and chop up fresh salad leaves and some radishes. Once the fish is cooked, we throw everything into a bowl and add a squeeze of lemon. It’s so speedy and simple,’ says Sebastian. Serve with freshly sliced bread and your fuss-free family supper is ready to eat!

Eating in the kitchen means cleaning up is quick and easy. We keep our crockery near the sink, so it’s easy to restock the shelves after we’ve washed up
Sebastian, Sweden

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