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Show your indoor plants some love

So you’ve been cooped up all winter long and, well, so have your beloved plants? Here’s how we keep our plants fresh, happy and healthy during their time inside, and prepare them for the sunnier months ahead.

1. GIVE A POTTED PLANT A NEW BEGGINING by cutting stems and letting them grow in decorative glass vessels. Cut them with a pruner or a small knife, place them in water, and watch new roots begin to sprout in no time. Don’t forget to clean your tools when you’re done cutting to avoid spreading any diseases between plants.

2. FRESH SOIL = FRESH START. Tip your plants out of their pots, shake off as much old soil as possible, and replant them with some rejuvinating new earth. And don’t forget to add a bit of plant food to the watering can for extra nourishment.

3. WHETHER YOUR PLANTS NEED A FULL GUZZLE OF WATER or just require a slight shower, take your plants to the bathtub and give them a good spritz. It’s so refreshing for plants, plus it helps remove any dust that may have settled on them.

4. ARE YOUR PLANTS LOOKING A LITTLE DULL? More (or less) sunlight might do the trick. Placing heavier potted plants onto plant stands on wheels will make it much easier to move them around and get the light they need to really thrive.

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Interior designer: Marianne Eriksson
Photographer: Sandra Werud
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson

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