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Replanting your seedlings

Now that the seeds have been planted and our team gardening experiment is well underway, it’s time for the next step: replanting. It’s how our seedlings start the transition from little sprouts to full-grown plants. Call us crazy, but we feel like proud parents. Check out Part 1 to see how we got started.

A close-up image of plants growing in a VÄXER nursery.

Here's what you'll need for step 2:
Your VÄXER nursery (your seeds should be sprouting)
VÄXER fertiliser
VÄXER pumice stones
VÄXER cultivation insert set & cultivation light

1. Start getting your hands dirty! First up, begin filling the pots with pumice stones. Don’t worry about tidiness, just lay out some paper over your work area.

2. By now the plugs in your växer nursery will have started sprouting. Place one in each little pot and top it off with some more pumice stones.

3. Give your plants some nutrients by mixing VÄXER fertiliser with a bit of water. Fill the tray up and label what plants you’re placing where.

4 Ok, now your plants are ready to go in the tray! Time for them to start drinking up.

5. Bring on the light! Set your plants near a good source of natural sunlight. When the sunlight is low, switch on the cultivation light fixture to keep growth going during the germination period. Watch ours grow in the timelapse below!

Want to see how things go when our plants get a new home? Check back in soon!

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Photographer: Sandra Werud
Interior designer: Emma Parkinson
Writer: Vanessa Algotsson