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Relaxed hosting: bring-a-dish supper club

Share your table by hosting a supper club – and share the food preparation too by asking each guest to bring a dish! Get hosting inspiration from Melia and Henrik’s ‘Latitude Party’, where it’s all about trying food from different countries and cultures.

A new way to meet and eat

Melia and Henrik are part of an online supper club called Latitudinal Cuisine. Group members take it in turns to host a meal. Whoever is hosting suggests a date that tallies with a latitude on the globe – for example, 22 March for the latitude of 22.3. The host then chooses a country on that line and its cuisine as the theme for the meal. Ahead of the meal, each guest lets the group know whether they’ll be making a starter, main course or dessert. ‘From there, it’s up to them. Being at the table, discovering what people have brought, adds to the excitement,’ says Melia. ‘Going with a theme (for this meal it was Turkey), and setting dishes in the centre gets everyone talking and interacting. As well as being
a good icebreaker, it’s interesting to learn about the history or traditions behind a recipe. Somehow, it makes for a richer experience than just going to a restaurant or normal supper club.’

This is a great way to meet people and hear their stories, especially when you’re new to a city. And it’s even more fulfilling over a good meal – sharing food connects us
Melia, PR and communications manager, UK

Recipes that just need heating up or minimal assembly work best, so that no one is left preparing food in the kitchen or waiting at the table. ‘Everyone brings their food in plastic containers and helps each other put the last elements together,’ says Melia. All she and Henrik need to do on the night is set the table, ready for each guest’s dish to be revealed. ‘Getting stuck into an activity is a surprisingly natural way for people who’ve never met to get to know each other. Putting the work in ahead of time means you get to relax and enjoy talking about life and food.’

‘When Henrik and I moved from Malmö two years ago, we decided to try something we’d attempted back home but never found the right platform for,’ says Melia. ‘A supper club, where each guest brings a dish for the table.’

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