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Put your passions on show with SAMMANHANG

When asked, 32% of us admitted to having things at home that we hide from others. Take pride in your stuff! Use the new SAMMANHANG range to organise and display the things you love.

The things we collect help tell our story and express our identity – whether that’s hats, model ships, or figurines. The word ‘sammanhang’ means ‘context’ in Swedish, and that’s what this new range is about: putting your things into context and embracing the stories they tell. From boxes and display stands, to shelves and glass domes, SAMMANHANG lets you celebrate the beauty of your stuff.

Collecting doesn’t have to mean chaos. SAMMANHANG celebrates your stuff with storage that makes it easy to display what you love. Because there’s beauty in order.

Our most loved collections can often be the ones we store out of sight. One big reason many of us said we hide things away is because we don’t think other people will understand their significance. But when we put our belongings out where we can see them, they are in a position to spark joy in us every day. Created by a collective of designers, from Studio Truly Truly to IKEA designers including Mikael Axelsson and Iina Vuorivirta, SAMMANHANG was made to do just that.

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