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Our lowest-price wonder workers

They have the power to transform your closet, squeeze maximum function into minimal space, make life easier and even make things disappear. Not quite magic, but close. Below you’ll find some of our useful products for your home, with prices as low as 2,99€.

Not just for the dishes

A plate holder, repurposed as a super-smart parking spot for bills and paperwork, at the super low price of 2,99€. Who knew?

On-the-go organising

This basket that not only holds your things, but is also a breeze to pack away, or bring along wherever you go.

It’s all fun and games

For only 5,99€, this storage box for kids will even give adults something to smile about.

Pretty little things

The loveliest of homes for your loveliest jewellery and accessories, at the equally lovely price of 9,99€. Lovely.

Wardrobe wonder-worker

Scarves, jewellery, bags, ties... if we listed everything this multi-hanger could hang, we might just be here all day.

Ideas made to stick

Drill-free bathroom storage, loved by landlords and wallets everywhere.

Hi, hooks, bye, hooks

A handy extra hook when you need one, gone when you don’t.

Drill-free door storage

No need to make holes in your doors, no need to put a dent in your bank account.

Storage on every surface

You could have a rail, a shelf, or a cabinet. Or just one of these: super-smart storage for homes and budgets of all sizes.

Shoes and more shoes

Not one, not two, but up to three levels of hallway-wrangling storage, thanks to these shoe racks at just 4€ a pop.

Love it, fix it, keep it

8€: a very small investment now, for a whole lot of savings long term. Because the most affordable product, after all, is the one you already have. Take good care of it!

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