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Our best starter kits for your new home

Fluff it up

Sleeping, snoozing, reading and cuddling – some of the best things in life are free! Relax like a pro with some comfy covers, a soft rug beside the bed plus shelves for favourite books and a reading lamp. Make sure you won’t get disturbed by street lights and sunlight with block-out blinds, and most importantly: pamper yourself with pillows, pillows, pillows!

A dining kit that saves cabinet space

These well-designed, stackable, and timeless dinner table essentials will work just as well for solo omelettes as dinner parties. For breakfast, and dessert. For milk, and merlot. Beautiful, budget-friendly basics to use and love every day.

Your new cooking hub starts here

Kitchen noob or not, it’s easy to feel lost in the cooking tools jungle. But we’ve got you covered – this kit will take you a long way without breaking the bank. Invite some friends now and whip up everything from instant noodles to grilled shrimp tacos.

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