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No more excuses for not bringing your lunch box

A lunch box is a good habit for so many reasons. But how to do it? We’ve made a list eliminating the top five excuses for not bringing it. Bon appétit!

Woman in apron standing in kitchen, a loose two-hand grip holding up a tall glass jar filled with a layered, colourful salad.

1. “It doesn’t look tasty”

Make it appetising. This is so easy it may seem unnecessary, but it makes all the difference. A few sprigs of fresh herbs add a gastronomic dimension to leftovers and frozen meals alike. If you have enough for an entire salad, take it in a small container on the side.

2. “It takes up too much space”

Set up a space-saving lunch launch pad. A fixed spot for food containers shrinks the space needed to a minimum. Devote a kitchen drawer and use a pot-lid organiser to always have both lids and containers at the ready.

3. “I don’t have the time”

Prepare in advance (you’ll thank yourself later). Use a small portion of your weekend to save your weekday self a ton of time. Cook a big batch and portion-freeze it. This way you know what you eat, make your lunch more sustainable, and lower the cost. For variation, make different batches, or swap meals with fellow lunch boxers.

4. “There’s too much handling and washing up”

A glass jar or container may be the perfect lunch box. It holds everything from soups to salads, you can eat straight from it (less clean-up), and you can even layer your food to make a tasty, beautiful display. What’s not to like?

5. “I forget it”

Arrange a system to actually bring it with you. Simple as it may seem, a few forgotten lunches risk ending the habit altogether. Instead, post a note next to your door. Better still, inspire yourself by “advertising” the dish you prepared (or even create a menu for the whole coming week).

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Made by
Interior designer: Kristina Pospelova
Photographer: Monika Lundholm
Writer: Henrik Annemark